Bianca Pearson, Author of How to Launch a Wildly Profitable Business in 90 Days or Less

Building a Business that will take care of you for a long time to come.

This Book Outlines the Simple System I've Used To Create a Foundation to Get Your Business Profitable in 90 Days.

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  • Define your brand
  • Choose a competitive advantage
  • Create a customer base 
  • Communicate with and to your customers
  •  Show You How to Excite your customers

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Heck, for Millennials spending $2 in the app store requires serious contemplation and usually we're like, "Hey! Where's the free version?"

This is my chance to provide you with some free information, to create the foundation before we move on to the really good stuff. I'm not worried about the affordability. You'll be back. This is just the beginning.

What People Are Saying

"What a fabulous little nugget of wisdom this book is! As a business owner myself, I know how valuable customer service is and Bianca lays it out in black-and-white in this simple to follow concept. My take away is this; In order to set yourself apart from the competition you have to make your customers feel like number one. Great advice Bianca. We can see what sets you apart from the rest! Much luck on your continued success." By, Shari C. 

"How to Launch a Wildly Profitable Business in 90 Days or Less" was a great short ebook. The content was sound, yet presented in a fairly straightforward manner for even the most neophite entrepreneur to ingest. After being in business over a decade myself, I wish I learned several of these key concepts BEFORE I launched. It would have saved money and time. I encourage anyone considering a new business to take the time to read this resource." By, Ladre Weathersby, Ph.D


Bianca Pearson lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She finished school early and then went on to become an educator for 2 years. 

She has had the chance to travel and work internationally She started her sales career with a magazine subscription company and did so well the managing director approached her to come on board a new company to develop their sales strategies and sales team. The value she brought to the team was so tremendous she was asked to become the direct liaison to the Managing Director.


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